BioHiTech Global announces digester technology

BHTG Smart Mode uses cloud computing and the internet-connected computer in its digesters to control the equipment.

August 9, 2017
Waste Today Staff
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BioHiTech Global Inc., Chestnut Ridge, New York, has announced the launch of BHTG Smart Mode, a new technology for its EcoSafe digester and Revolution series digester lines of on-site food waste disposal equipment. Smart Mode is designed to use cloud computing, machine learning and the on-board internet connected computer in the digester to drive the equipment.

"Smart Mode essentially makes our equipment much smarter," says Bill Kratzer, chief technology officer of BioHiTech Global. "By harnessing the computing power and data in our cloud, we have created software that can more intelligently control our equipment to improve performance and make our units even more cost effective. Through this intelligent control system our machines can conserve more water and reduce energy usage, while improving the throughput and reliability of the equipment. This saves the customer money and has the potential to significantly reduce our servicing costs as we expand BioHiTech's global footprint in the coming years."

The company has filed a provisional patent application for the new software and believes this technology can be used for intelligent control of many types of programmable industrial machines serving a wide variety of vertical markets beyond waste disposal. The software will be installed in all future deliveries of its internet connected digesters, and the xompany expects to equip all currently supported internet enabled units by the end of the current year.

"This technology is another example of how BioHiTech is leading the way in transforming the waste industry making it more efficient and environmentally friendly,” Frank E. Celli, CEO, says. “We have been championing the usefulness of cloud computing, big data and smart technology to transform our environmentally responsible waste management solution into a valuable supply chain management tool that helps reduce costs and improve the bottom line of our customers. Smart Mode is another significant step forward in positioning our company as a technology leader in managing waste disposal efficiently and responsibly.”
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