Massachusetts transfer station requires clean up

Massachusetts transfer station requires clean up

The Warwick Transfer Station’s biggest issue was debris and litter in the surrounding area.

January 20, 2017
Waste Today Staff
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The Warwick Transfer Station in Warwick, Massachusetts, must undergo a cleanup by May 31, according to an article in The Recorder.

Jan Ameen, executive director of the Franklin Regional Solid Waste Management District, performed the inspection and reported results to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the report says.

Debris and litter was the biggest issue throughout the site, including the surrounding woods and next to roll offs.

Five other corrective actions must be completed by May 31, according to the report, including an order to stop accepting hazardous waste, which would be brought to a different location. Other actions include moving emergency contact information from the outdoor bulletin board to indoors and placing universal waste stickers on all containers containing florescent lamps.


This story has been updated from its original version to correct the location of Warwick. It is in Massachusetts, and not in Rhode Island as previously reported.