Foul odors emitting from southwest Florida landfill

Foul odors emitting from southwest Florida landfill

Collier County Landfill’s inundation with hurricane debris is reportedly the culprit.

October 9, 2017
Waste Today Staff
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News outlets in Naples, Florida, are reporting that bad odors are coming from the local landfill. According to a report on Fox 4, several residents woke up to an unusual smell that the Collier County Solid Waste Department says is coming from the Collier County Landfill in Naples, Florida.

The increase in municipal solid waste from Hurricane Irma and recent rains has created the odor, the report notes.

The Naples Daily News is also reporting that winds are pushing the smell from the landfill along Interstate 75 west of Collier Boulevard toward the gulf pushing the odors over some residential areas.

Landfill operator, Waste Management, Houston, has reportedly been covering the active landfill area with a mixture of dirt, mulch and shell in an effort to mitigate the odors.

The Collier County Landfill is a 310.97-acre Class I solid waste management facility and accepts incoming solid waste six days a week.