Green Energy Enterprises to offer pyrolysis technology

Kentucky firm says Next Generation waste-to-energy systems can handle multiple feedstocks.

January 12, 2018
Edited by Brian Taylor
Commercial Waste Conversion Technologies Equipment & Products

Newport, Kentucky-based Green Energy Enterprises LLC (GEE) has announced the completion of an agreement to represent German-made Next Generation waste-to-energy systems.

The agreement covers a patented pyrolysis process capable of accepting multiple feedstock options

for producing electric power. Optional feedstocks include: electronic scrap, auto shredder residue (ASR), medical waste, plastic scrap, scrap tires, biomass and municipal solid waste (MSW), according to a news release issued by GEE.

GEE indicates the Next Generation oxygen-free pyrolysis system “has been developed and validated in Germany” and that the system has been permitted three times and meets pertinent European Union environmental standards.

“Unique to the system, are the internal scrubbers and tar cracker that eliminate the historic equipment maintenance issues related to producing clean syngas,” GEE states. The firm also indicates it has identified several benefits related to the system, including the reduction of landfilled material and landfill gases.

“As we roll out this system, we have had several discussions with U.S., European, and Asian firms seeking ways to cleanly turn their waste into syngas and electric power,” says Scott Powers, GEE’s managing partner. “Some recent inquiries have been related to China’s new waste policy. The Next Gen system provides baseline power 24/7, which supports other technologies such as solar and wind [that] produce power on an intermittent basis.”

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