MSS introduces MetalMiner

MSS introduces MetalMiner

Induction-based metal sorter features MapLine algorithm designed to improve material targeting.

September 5, 2017
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products

Nashville, Tennessee-based MSS Inc. has introduced MetalMiner, featuring the patent pending MapLine algorithm. MSS calls the sorter “the next generation of induction-based true all-metal detectors.”

MSS, the division of the San Diego-based CP Group that manufactures optical sorters, has designed and built induction metal sorters for more than 40 years. This latest iteration was designed to handle auto shredder residue (ASR), electronic scrap, plastic flake and glass cullet applications, according to the manufacturer.

"MapLine allows users to target specific metal types or objects by amplifying the sensitivity for nonferrous metals, especially wire, while simultaneously reducing it for ferrous dust," says Felix Hottenstein, MSS sales director. "MetalMiner is exceeding our customers’ expectations. We've found up to 15 percent higher recovery rates for zurik when directly compared to other vendors.”

Hottenstein continues, “Additionally, MetalMiner reduces cross contamination with ferrous-dust-covered wood, plastics and foam. This creates a noticeably cleaner product."

Greg Thibado, MSS vice president, says, "In addition to the technological advances, we've implemented new manufacturing techniques that allow for MetalMiner to become even more competitive, especially for the wider units."

The MetalMiner is available in widths up to 112 inches (2,800 millimeters) as either a standalone model in a conveyor configuration or as an upgrade to the MSS Cirrus NIR and L-VIS Color optical sorters. Depending on the application, different induction coil configurations and spacings are available, the company says.

For certain small particle applications, such as plastic flake or glass cullet, MSS says it also offers the MetalMiner in a slide configuration that provides even higher sensitivity and sorts ferrous, nonferrous, and stainless steel down to 1 millimeter in size.

In addition to MSS, the CP Group includes CP Manufacturing, Krause Manufacturing and Advanced MRF. The company provides award-winning recycling system design, manufacturing, retrofits, audits and consulting. CP Group provides turnkey solutions for mixed waste, residential recycling, commercial and industrial, construction and demolition and electronic scrap applications.