Precision AirConvey adds laundry and waste group

Precision AirConvey adds laundry and waste group

Dedicated group designs automated collection and removal systems for trash, recycling and soiled linens.

February 16, 2017
Recycling Today Staff
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Precision AirConvey Corp. (PAC), Newark, Delaware, has established a dedicated team of engineers who are tasked with solving critical challenges in health care, recycling and facility design. The Precision AirConvey Laundry and Waste Group specializes in the custom design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of pneumatic conveying systems that automatically transport bagged waste, soiled linen and/or recycling from multiple collection points in a facility to central points for pickup or laundering.

The PAC Laundry and Waste Group offers automated vacuum systems to replace manual laundry and waste collection systems that rely on rolling carts. Ideal for use in hospitals, multifamily housing, hotels and other facilities, the company says its latest systems minimize cart movement through the facility, reduce exposure to germs, sharps and other hazards and support infection and pest control measures while boosting worker safety and productivity.

To operate these systems, workers are giving secure access to the computer control system. They place their bags of trash, laundry or recycling into the separate load stations, close the station doors and walk away. The company's patent pending Q-Chute automatically meters the bundles into the powered chute system for fast, efficient transport, all hidden from view behind the walls, PAC says. The company built a full-scale, fully operating automated laundry and waste removal system in its test laboratory and offers tours by appointment.

In addition to designing systems for new facilities, additions and renovations, the PAC Laundry and Waste Group also repairs, services and modernizes existing transport systems installed by any company, even by those no longer in operation.