Structural issues close Alberta composting site

Edmonton Waste Management Centre is closed for the winter.

November 3, 2017
Waste Today Staff

Food waste from Edmonton, Alberta, is reportedly being sent to a landfill after engineers found a structural problem with the Edmonton Waste Management Centre roof, according to a CBC News report. Apparently, Edmonton City Councillors are demanding answers after the sudden closure of the 270,000 square foot building.

The branch manager of waste services, Mick Labrecque told CBC organics processing has been suspended because the roof cannot hold a live snow load.

Labrecque said the waste services department is looking at other options for composting, such as other locations in or around the Edmonton area. The facility handles 150,000 metric tons per year of material.

The report says that staff are to report to council by Feb. 23, 2018, with a detailed plan on how to fix the facility or even demolish it. Previous building assessments are also being reviewed. All food waste in Edmonton is being sent to landfill in the meantime.