Toter launches redesigned plastic front-end loader line

New smaller size and functionality to allow for easier waste removal in tight spaces, the company says.

September 10, 2018
Edited by Adam Redling
Commercial Waste Equipment & Products

Toter, a Wastequip brand based in Charlotte, North Carolina, announced it has recently redesigned its front-end loader (FEL) product line to reflect growing industry demand for heavy-duty, user-friendly alternatives to steel loaders. Adding to the revamped lineup of 2-, 3- and 4-cubic-yard containers, Toter has introduced a new 1-cubic-yard size.

According to the company, the new Toter FEL line offers the toughness and strength of steel FELs without the noise, corrosion or added weight. Features of the new line include steel rod reinforcement, ribbed bottom wear chimes for enhanced durability, double-walled lift pockets to distribute weight for maximum pocket strength and integrated bumpers to protect the container.

While plastic containers require little maintenance, with no floors to replace or bottom channels to repair, the new models also feature quick-change caster brackets and replaceable lift pockets. These pockets ensure that maintenance can be performed quickly and easily in the field with nuts and bolts, increasing uptime and decreasing labor costs.

Toter FELs are purpose-built for heavy-duty applications using Toter’s proprietary Advanced Rotational Molding process, which ensures durability, provides additional reinforcements and reduces the risk of cracking. Manufactured with up to 50 percent recycled content and with ample space for custom marking or signage, the new FELs are also designed with a sealed rim to contain odors and eliminate leaks.

Load rated for up to 750 pounds, the new 1-cubic-yard FELs are available with or without casters and are perfect for facilities where space is limited and ease of use is critical, allowing for easy waste disposal in restaurants, educational facilities and residential complexes, among other sites. The new size FELs are also fully stackable, even when assembled, to save storage space.

“Based on their lighter weight and reduced risk of corrosion and the fact that they can last up to three times longer than steel containers, plastic FELs are growing in popularity,” Toter Director of Product Development & Warranty Jeniffer Coates says. “The one drawback has been the perception that they are not as strong as steel. With this redesign and the new 1-cubic-yard size, Toter has provided a durable and heavy-duty option to meet a wide range of facilities’ needs for long-lasting toughness with minimal maintenance and maximum convenience, offering a longer service life and lower total cost of ownership than competing products.”