Virginia MSW processor closes its doors

Virginia MSW processor closes its doors

Company cites the downturn in secondary commodity markets for its decision.

March 13, 2018
DeAnne Toto
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Van der Linde Recycling & Container Rentals, headquartered in Troy, Virginia, announced Feb. 19, 2018, the closure of its household waste processing facility.

In a press release that is posted on the company’s website, Peter van der Linde, owner of van der Linde Recycling & Container Rentals, writes:

“Going forward we will be turning our full focus to growing our construction and demolition facility, dumpster rental business and increasing the production of mulch and gravel made from the raw material we harvest. From these roots, we will realign our efforts and position ourselves to grow our organization in other areas.

“The decision to close our household waste processing facility was not an easy one as much time, effort and expense have gone into it. However, with the severe drop in commodity prices over the past few years and the bleak forecast, we have made the economic decision to close our household processing facility. We will concentrate our efforts in areas of our business that are more profitable and that can ensure our organization has a strong future.”

According to a report in The Daily Progress, Charlottesville, Virginia, the van der Linde Recycling Zion Crossroads facility has processed the commingled waste of nearly 30 private and municipal haulers in the region since 2009, recovering recyclables.

"City-contracted trash and recycling is unaffected by the change,” the newspaper reports. However, some city residents chose to use private haulers for the convenience of commingling their trash and recycling, and their recyclables will no longer be recovered.

Affected residents can opt to bring their recyclables to McIntire Road Recycling Facility in Charlottesville, which is a joint effort of Albemarle County and Charlottesville, The Daily Progress reports.

Van der Linde Recycling & Container Rental’s MSW sorting facility has only recovered about 25 percent of the MSW it processed for recycling, the newspaper reports, citing the facility’s unaudited 2016 state reporting.