Waste Management upgrades Elkridge, Maryland, MRF

Company installs anti-wrapping screens from Van Dyk Recycling Solutions.

November 2, 2017
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products Municipal Recycling

Houston-based Waste Management’s Kit Kat Road material recovery facility (MRF) in Elkridge, Maryland, recently installed anti-wrapping screens from Van Dyk Recycling Solutions (VDRS), Stamford, Connecticut.

The 50-ton-per-hour system processes 1,000 tons per day and operates around the clock, according to a news release from VDRS, leaving little time for maintenance. Cleaning the old screens took too much time and manpower and ate into the time needed for other maintenance. The non-wrapping screens, which can be retrofit into any system, can reduce cleaning time by 90 percent, with customers reporting cleaning times of just 10 minutes per shift, VDRS says.

The company replaced six screens in the retrofit. Four Non-Wrapping 440 screens replaced four existing ONP (old newspapers) screens, and two new commingled screens (with an updated design) replaced two existing commingled screens. Each screen was upgraded from a 2,540-millimeter (8.3-foot) width to a 3,040-millimeter (10-foot) width. The system, which is rated for 50 tons per hour, frequently processes more than 60 tons per hour, and the extra width of the screens will give the MRF flexibility to further increase tonnage in the future, VDRS says.

More information on the screen is available by calling 203-967-1100 or emailing info@vdrs.com