Wildlife Defense Systems signs exclusive distribution agreement for bird deterrent system

Wildlife Defense Systems signs exclusive distribution agreement for bird deterrent system

The Raptor system is designed to protect landfill equipment operators and drivers from gulls, buzzards are other nuisance animals.

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Wildlife Defense Systems Inc. (WDSI), St. Marys, Georgia, has announced it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Frank Shober Inc. (FSI), Warren, New Jersey, to market, install and maintain the company’s new Raptor solid waste bird deterrent system.

WDSI manufactures bio-acoustical systems and sensor platforms designed to harmlessly deter birds and other wildlife from agriculture, aquaculture, landfills, airports, cell towers, wind and solar farms and utility infrastructure. FSI is a waste equipment distributor and sells products ranging from compactors, balers, bird deterrence and odor control, including installation, full repair and maintenance services.

The companies have been developing the product on a landfill in southeast Georgia and have successfully demonstrated the product along the east coast with WDSI Raptor clearing an active area in Pennsylvania.

The Raptor platform uses WDSI's patented tone generation technology that the company says has increased yield by 30 to 40 percent in crops affected by birds, deer and other nuisance animals and is a deterrent for the cell tower industry.

The companies have started marketing for sale or lease a hybrid-powered (solar, generator, battery) system that can be moved around the landfill to provide a deterrent solution designed to protect equipment operators and drivers from gulls, buzzards and nuisance animals.

“My sales team and I have been looking for a bird deterrent solution for our customers that actually worked and WDSI has not let us down,” Frank Shober, president of FSI, says. “We are looking forward to working with the WDSI team. This product will have a significant impact on changing the current mindset of how bird and nuisance animal control is handled by our industry.”

“We were fortunate that Frank Shober learned of the company from friends here in St. Marys. To have a pioneer with 45 years of experience in the solid waste industry work with us on the development and marketing of the product has given us a tremendous advantage in bringing the right system to the market,” WDSI President Frank Woodward says.  

For more information on the Raptor product, contact Frank Shober at 973-635-4174, or Frank Woodward at 888-493-7669 Ext.1