5 questions about trailers

Custom Content - Ask the experts: MAC Trailer

Matt Simmons, product manager at MAC Trailer, answers waste management professionals' questions about trailers.

April 8, 2022

1. How do haulers know which trailer design is best for their needs?

Matt Simmons
Product Manager
MAC Trailer

All of the regional representatives at MAC Trailer are veterans and experts in their fields. We strongly believe in training and have a dedicated training facility where at we hold classes throughout the year. This level of expertise in the industry is extremely important. Our people will spend the time with you to understand what your needs, goals and objectives are.

Understanding our customers’ needs allows us to build a specific trailer designed to maximize their profitability.

2. What markets do transfer trailers serve?

For a long time, the transfer trailer was thought of as only a garbage hauler, and that stigma still holds true today. The truth is, these trailers are very versatile. They can be a bulk commodity trailer and, when equipped with a moving floor, the horizontal unloading option makes them very desirable in applications where there may be a height restriction or a stability concern.

These trailers do very well with agricultural products, wood and mulch products, construction and demolition debris, recycling, scrap, medical waste, aggregates and even ash and sludge. The key to success has been the ability for MAC Trailer to understand the needs of our customers to design and build a very customer specific trailer that is second to none.

3. What are some new manufacturing trends?

We have constant energy going back into our trailer designs with a focus on building a better product and reducing cost of ownership. In today’s challenging market conditions, down time and repair cost play a large part in profitability. This is why attention to detail is vitally important.

We have a research and development team working in a new facility where members can conduct cycle tests, stress analyses, fatigue analyses and torture environment tests. This has significantly reduced cost of ownership.

4. What features should waste haulers look for when buying a transfer trailer?

At MAC trailer, we want to offer our customer the best possible product on the market today. Some of the features we include as a MAC Trailer standard are five-year wheel ends, galvanized suspensions, galvanized dollies, stainless steel hydraulic pipe, mechanical lock nuts on all fasteners, fully designed plug and play wiring harness and stainless steel mechanical side latch handles. While there may be some added cost for these features on the front end, it greatly reduces the cost of ownership throughout the life cycle.

5. What additional considerations come into play when deciding on a transfer trailer?

As you consider your options, it’s important to have the best support team in your corner. We have a very strategic and experienced dealer network in place, so in the event that you may need parts and/or service support, we are not far away. We have a full-service repair facility on-site to handle any major work needed to bring your trailer back up to factory specifications.

Our aftermarket parts department is a major player in the aftermarket parts world. It’s important to make sure that you have the best team on your side to maximize uptime and profitability.

For more information, visit MAC Trailer online, email info@mactrailer.com or call 1-800-795-8454.