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AMCS launches AMCS Platform Summer 2022

The launch includes new AI-driven solutions and greater automation.


AMCS, a technology provider for the environmental, waste, recycling and resource management industry based in Limerick, Ireland, has announced the AMCS Platform Summer 22 release. This is the second of three feature releases planned this year.  

“In our current inflationary times our customers require agility and automation,” says Elaine Treacy, global product director at AMCS. “This release delivers much-needed visibility and control by automating key finance functions such as invoicing and price change management. Our investment in AI technology provides actionable insights, helping our customers improve the quality of their resource management to drive both efficiency and sustainability.”  

This release includes AMCS Vision AI, a solution using the latest advances in AI technology to automatically analyze material streams to detect contamination and overfilled containers at the curbside.  

The invoicing and pricing capabilities of the AMCS Platform have been improved to streamline processes to deliver agility, higher performance and improved user experience.  

In the Digital Engagement suite, the platform now includes a mobile shopping cart with multichannel payment options. Users can easily deploy multimedia presentations of their service offerings and interactive self-service options on their websites. New digital payment options include Apple Pay, Google Pay and Bank Bill Presentment.  

For post collection activities, AMCS releases new recycling features like Finished Goods Inventory Tagging and LEED reporting to digitize processes. A solution has also been introduced for unattended scale operations with a mobile scale (weighbridge) capability that allows authorized drivers to access unattended scale sites. This release also integrates a larger range of hardware devices to control scale access like barriers and traffic lights. It also facilitates faster payments with point-of-sale terminal integration.  

AMCS Smart Dispatch solution now supports high-density residential route progress monitoring and enhanced route optimization features for automated churn management and order visit