The Amlon Group acquires spent catalyst recycling facility

The addition of Amlon Port Allen will enable the company to expand its catalyst recycling reach and add oil-bearing processing as an offering.

September 22, 2022

The Amlon Group, formerly known as the Amlon Resources Group LLC and Alpha Omega Recycling Inc., has announced significant growth through the acquisition of Amlon Port Allen, a spent catalyst recycling and material handling facility situated on a 28-acre site in Port Allen, Louisiana. 

The Amlon Group, New York City, has grown from a metal and concentrates trading company to a leader in turnkey environmental recycling and waste management solutions since its 1979 founding.

“We are excited to introduce oil and oil-bearing material processing to the management services we can offer our customers,” The Amlon Group President Mark Wayne says. “Our customers stand to benefit tremendously from the growth and expansion of our facilities and to continue to work with The Amlon Group across a broader range of sectors. The addition of Amlon Port Allen represents the continuation of our growth strategy as we seek to enhance our capabilities and deliver our full suite of services into new industries and geographies.”

The company also has announced that it received a significant investment from Heartwood Partners LLC, which has helped it expand its outreach and impact in the recycling and waste management industry. With this investment, The Amlon Group continues to execute its growth strategy through a combination of organic growth initiatives and expansions.

In 2017, The Amlon Group acquired a fully licensed Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) facility in Longview, Texas, to process and recycle spent catalysts and metals. The recent addition of Amlon Port Allen supports the company’s drive to expand capacity and seek out innovative solutions for managing waste. The addition of this market-leading catalyst reclamation and oil-bearing material recycling facility will allow The Amlon Group to service expanded sectors and continue to manage challenging industrial waste and by-products environmentally. 

“With this new expansion and acquisition, we can continue our mission to help companies reduce costs and increase recycle values,” The Amlon Group CEO Lee Lasher says. “We are especially thrilled to be offering our customers the ability to streamline their waste management and recycling programs, achieve zero waste goals, and offer a broader set of high-quality waste and recycling solutions.”