Autocar DC-64R refuse truck aims to change the waste industry

Autocar DC-64R refuse truck aims to change the waste industry

Since its release in May 2019, Autocar says the DC-64R has proven to save time and money for waste haulers and municipalities.

November 17, 2020

Since the release of Autocar’s DC-64R—a completely reinvented truck for severe-duty refuse applications—in May 2019, the company says waste haulers and municipalities across the U.S. are experiencing firsthand how switching to a custom-built DC-64R is saving them time and money across the board.

“A custom-built DC-64R is designed specifically for the customer to individually integrate with the refuse body of preference,” said Tim Thornton, vice president of strategy and commercialization at Autocar. “Through our Power of One integration, each truck is built as one complete tool—not only at the engineering stage but extending to the installation of body components as well. This unique process offsets numerous issues typically encountered with mass-produced vehicles, enhancing uptime and ROI for waste haulers.”

According to the Hagerstown, Indiana-based company, the DC-64R is built to be the best severe-duty conventional truck, and is the direct result of the requests, insights, data and guidance that the company sought out from waste haulers across the industry. It features a shaker tested cab design with 325-degree driver visibility and a 50-degree wheel cut, providing a tighter turning radius.

Autocar says it is the “first truck ever built to feature ultra-high-strength 160,000 PSI steel frame rails” and is “24 percent stronger and lighter than the rails on other trucks on the market, completely eliminating the need for frame liners in nearly all refuse applications.”

The DC-64R comes standard with a 7-inch Smart Display to help prevent downtime. In addition, built-in diagnostics help technicians get a truck back on the job faster by providing electrical diagnostics reports, access to service intervals, bodybuilder and operator manuals, and access to 3D schematics.

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