Autocar Trucks launches DC-64R refuse truck
Autocar Trucks reveals the DC-64R at WasteExpo 2019.

Autocar Trucks launches DC-64R refuse truck

New 'Always Up’ conventional truck designed to stay in service despite challenges of ‘severe-duty’ applications.

At WasteExpo 2019, Hagerstown, Indiana-based Autocar Trucks announced the launch of the Autocar DC-64R, a new conventional truck “purpose-built from the ground-up for severe-duty refuse applications.”

Autocar’s guiding mission building the “Always Up” truck is to “stay in service despite the challenges of severe-duty applications” and to bring “notable innovations” to refuse hauling.

“The DC-64R is the direct result of the requests, insights, data and guidance we received from many waste haulers across the industry,” remarks Autocar President James Johnston. “We could not have engineered a truck this good without all their feedback that resulted in innumerable improvements. We’re grateful for their help and proud to bring to this market a truck that is honestly customer-built.”

The DC’s cab was designed by Autocar from the beginning for productivity, durability and “especially safety” in the refuse industry. The workspace of the cab maximizes productivity for drivers and easily fits three, so work crews can get to and from their routes comfortably, Autocar Managing Director Eric Schwartz says.

True to Autocar’s “Always Up” mission, he adds, “The interior uses authentic materials like a full steel structure inside the dashboard and aluminum sheets as dash panels. Even the interior door handles are aluminum tubes, not plastic. The totally new cab structure is built from a combination of steel, judiciously chosen aluminum components and corner castings to withstand years of refuse abuse.”

The Autocar DC-64R is the first truck built to feature ultra-high-strength 160,000 PSI steel frame rails, 24 percent stronger and lighter than the rails on other trucks on the market, Autocar says. The primary benefit for the waste hauler is a “significant weight savings that directly increases effective payload and therefore, profitability.”

“One of the things we’re most proud of is our totally upgraded electric system to resist the worst the garbage business can dish out,” Johnston continues. “The DC also brings our customers the Autocar Always Up display, with game-changing ‘one-touch diagnostics’. It actually tells the operator or technician what fault has occurred and shows them how to fix it. It gets trucks back into service and making money faster than anything anyone has had before.”

The DC-64R is the first new conventional truck for the Autocar brand in 31 years. The company revealed it has already accepted orders for production of the DC-64R at its Birmingham, Alabama factory, starting at the end of summer 2019.

“Everything about this truck is designed to solve problems our customers have with other trucks and achieve our goal of Always Up,” Schwartz adds. “There are so many other innovations, from the engines up to 500 HP that are hundreds of pounds lighter to a real breakthrough in body integration. This truck is just revolutionary in the ways it will help waste haulers serve their customers and create ROI.”

The DC is also the first of Autocar’s lines to carry the recently announced Autocar bowtie logo, reborn on its 100th birthday.

Commenting on the logo, Johnston says, “We’ve gone back to Autocar’s roots with the logo to symbolize that we are staying true to all the things that made Autocar the gold standard for customer-focused, purpose-built, severe-duty vocational trucks. That will never change. It’s the perfect time to show that we are inspired by the best of our history to build something fantastic for the future.”