Baltimore uses smart trash compactors to cut down on waste

Baltimore uses smart trash compactors to cut down on waste

The deal signals the largest smart waste bin deployment in history.

January 30, 2018
Edited by Adam Redling

The city of Baltimore is planning on making waste collection easier and more efficient for sanitation workers through the deployment of 4,000 smart waste bins throughout the city, Government Technology reports.

The city’s Board of Estimates approved a $15 million deal with Seoul, South Korea-based Ecube Labs Co., Jan. 24 that will see the sensor-enabled, solar-powered CleanCUBE bins placed in strategic locations around Baltimore in three phases.

According to Ecube Labs, the CleanCUBE is a solar-powered trash compactor that can hold up to eight times more waste than a traditional bin, reducing collection frequency up to 80 percent. The bins also communicate wirelessly through cloud-based monitoring software, making for more intuitive servicing.

In the first phase of deployment, Ecube Labs is installing 150 bins in the city’s Baltimore Gateway area during the first quarter of 2018. The second stage, occurring in the second half of 2018, will introduce double the bins. In the second and third stages, the bins will be introduced to the city’s business districts and at bus stops.

The coverage is expected to make a noticeable impact in how area waste bins are monitored and serviced.

“The cans come with Wi-Fi. We will utilize this capability to allow the can to transmit information including how full it is so we can offer as-needed servicing of the cans,” Jeffrey Raymond, chief communications spokesman for the Baltimore Department of Public Works, tells Government Technology.

“We are very pleased to receive the contract from the city of Baltimore,” Michael Son, chief financial officer, Ecube Labs says. “We strongly believe that Ecube Labs’ technology will increase the city’s waste collection efficiency tremendously, as one CleanCUBE is just as effective as six traditional trash receptacles that are already out on Baltimore’s streets. The contract will also allow Ecube Labs to grow in the United States and set up a new office along the East Coast.”

In a release, Ecube Labs called the deal “the largest smart waste bin deployment in global history.”