City of Cheyenne selects Burns & McDonnell to develop integrated solid waste management plan

The project will help guide future activities and support the city's waste infrastructure, programs and policies.

January 10, 2019

The city of Cheyenne, Wyoming has selected Kansas City-based Burns & McDonnell to develop and support implementation of an integrated solid waste management (ISWM) plan. The project will help guide future activities and support infrastructure, programs and policies needed to manage the city’s solid waste.

“To provide the most effective, high-quality service to residents and business owners now and in the future, we’re working with Burns & McDonnell to develop a comprehensive program for solid waste management,” Matt Theriault, public works engineer for the city of Cheyenne, says. “We want to continue focusing on quantifiable, efficient waste and recycling services that meet the needs of the community.”

Burns & McDonnell will complete a cost of service assessment to identify current and forecasted costs of all solid waste management services, including garbage collection, recycling programs and landfill operations. This assessment will help inform and prioritize elements of the ISWM plan the firm will also develop.

“Having completed a study of the city of Cheyenne’s collection operations in 2017, we understand the existing solid waste program, processes in place and the community’s needs,” Matt Evans, associate civil engineer at Burns & McDonnell, says. “We’re excited to support solid waste management initiatives in Cheyenne and help identify sustainable, effective and manageable solutions.”