Coastal Wire Co. introduces two-ram wire strapper

The wire strapper, launched in collaboration with the Cranston Machinery Co., is designed to be durable and easy to maintain.


Coastal Wire Co., a wire manufacturer based in Georgetown, South Carolina, has partnered with manufacturer Cranston Machinery Co. to launch the MDC 24-7 two-ram wire strapper. 

According to a news release by Coastal Wire, the machine took two years to research and develop. The equipment will be showcased at the WasteExpo this year in Las Vegas at booth 2343.

The company says this machine stands out because of its durability and simple maintenance. According to Coastal Wire, the wire strapper’s self-lubricating systems ensure all moving parts are lubricated properly, which enhances its durability. An auto grease feeding system has been installed to the head assembly to ensure no more daily oiling or lubricating is needed. An auto oiler has also been installed on the track system to ensure proper lubrication of the track pieces, which means that the moving parts have less resistance. Coastal Wire Co. says a pneumatic air gun connects with the head assembly for quick easy head cleaning. At the bottom of the machine, the company added a deflector to keep debris away from the bottom track to protect the track.

The machine is easy to maintain because the tension feed wheels have been flipped around to make it more accessible. It also has a tilting head that allows the operator to lift the head up easily and has three adjustments to hold the head open while they work on it. All parts can be changed quickly due to the positioning, according to the company.

“The release of the MDC 24-7 not only creates a competitive market but allows customers to have a choice when acquiring a wire tie machine,” says Pete Tollmann, the vice president of sales for Coastal Wire. “Now companies can shop with confidence with Coastal Wire especially given the solid reputation from Cranston machinery who has been designing and manufacturing strapping machines since 1923. Given the new design concepts that Coastal Wire’s Equipment department have introduced, along with the reputation and experience of Cranston Machinery, we feel we will be bringing to market the strongest and most durable machine the industry can buy.” 

 The MDC 24/7 is available now for preorder. For more information, contact John Bagley, Coastal Wire’s vice president of equipment services, at