Dumpsters.com supports preservation of two historic Cleveland homes
The Dall-Mays houses in Cleveland, Ohio.
Photo: Dumpsters.com

Dumpsters.com supports preservation of two historic Cleveland homes

Dumpsters.com donated two 40-yard dumpsters to the Cleveland Restoration Society to assist in the preservation of the Dall-Mays houses.

Dumpsters.com has announced its support for the Cleveland Restoration Society, a non-profit organization using historic preservation to revitalize Cleveland’s diverse communities, as it works to rescue two historic homes in Northeast Ohio known as the Dall-Mays houses.

Constructed between 1875 and 1881, the homes are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and are designated Cleveland Landmarks.

The buildings were recently condemned and slated for potential demolition, until the Cleveland Restoration Society stepped in and committed to rescuing the properties. The organization began work by stabilizing the homes and removing non-historic, hazardous elements from the exteriors, before reaching out to Dumpsters.com and beginning work inside the buildings.  

“Our current goal is to get the interior of the homes cleaned out of debris. We hope to have all of the items that are not salvageable out of the homes after this clean out. The dumpsters are essential to this task,” said Margaret Lann, manager of preservation services and publications at Cleveland Restoration Society. “Once debris is out, the homes can be better assessed by contractors and engineers who will be able to get a look at what it will take to fully rehab the homes. These homes are well-poised to be adapted into affordable housing or multi-family homes.”

Dumpsters.com donated two 40-yard dumpsters to assist in the removal of unusable furniture, window treatments, rugs and other debris that has built up in the home over time. 

“We’re happy to support this project and the work Cleveland Restoration Society does to preserve pieces of Cleveland’s architectural history,” said Courtney Demko, vice president of media at Dumpsters.com “It is thrilling to play even the smallest role in the rescue and restoration of historic properties. We applaud Cleveland Restoration Society, their volunteers, staff and members for the ongoing work they do to preserve the history of Cleveland.”