Dumpsters.com provides services to Oscar Mike Foundation

Dumpsters.com provides services to Oscar Mike Foundation

The foundation had its facility revamped on the show Designing Spaces.


Dumpsters.com has lent its support to The Oscar Mike Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Poplar Grove, Illinois, through a partnership with the television show Designing Spaces, which renovated the foundation’s facility.

The Oscar Mike Foundation provides funding for injured vets who want to participate in adaptive sports with the goal of keeping them on the move. The foundation’s compound features 17 beds, an adaptive weight-training room and an outdoor sports court. From March to October, the Oscar Mike facility hosts veterans every week as they participate in rigorous activities adapted to their capabilities.

To support this mission, the Designing Spaces’s mini-series, “Spaces of Hope,” worked with a variety of charitable partners, including Dumpsters.com, to update the 9,000-square-foot compound to be completely handicap accessible, improve fire safety and add a new heating and cooling system.

“It was not so long ago our idea of getting the Oscar Mike compound completely accessible for all of the disabled veterans that we bring in was only a dream. But with the generosity of companies like Dumpsters.com, it became a reality. Our gratitude is immeasurable. Thank you,” says Noah Currier, the founder of The Oscar Mike Foundation.

Throughout the renovation, Dumpsters.com provided two 30-yard dumpsters to help clear away more than 10 tons of debris.

“We’re thrilled to support this project, which will help Oscar Mike provide important opportunities to veterans,” says Michael Sancin, the vice president of marketing at Dumpsters.com, after visiting the compound. “We’re dedicated to giving back to communities we serve, and there’s no better way to do that than by supporting those who have served our country.”

The renovation project spanned three episodes of “Designing Spaces” on Lifetime. The series premiered June 6 with additional episodes on June 13 and June 20. The episodes are available online.