Eggersmann Group promotes a range of equipment for processing wood and biowaste

Eggersmann Group promotes a range of equipment for processing wood and biowaste

Company offers equipment ranging from shredders to trommels to windsifters.

June 5, 2017

The Eggersmann Group has a wide-reaching product portfolio of shredders, screening machines and windsifters at its disposal to treat all kinds of materials. To process wood and biowaste, the company offers multiple solutions.

In the field of waste wood shredding, demand for uncontaminated material sized to 150 millimeters is increasing, according to Germany-based Eggersmann. It also is important to keep operating costs low, the company says, adding that compact, slow-speed shredders are the best option to meet these requirements.

The company Forus has partnered with the Eggersmann Group to further develop its slow-speed shredders. Forus dual-shaft shredders are being offered with synchronized shredding or asynchronous shredding.

With the Teuton Z 55, the Eggersmann Group says it offers a premium class single-shaft shredder that can be used in the most diverse applications. The machine is suitable for preshredding and for creating a clean end product and also offers high throughput, the company says.

Terra Select, another Eggersmann Group company, specializes in screening and separation technology and has a wide array of machines to process wood and biomass. The star screen S 60 is designed for high-volume streams and can sort particles smaller than 10 millimeters and as large as 150 millimeters in one operation. Feeding the S 60 can either be done by a wheel loader or with the Teuton shredder.

If the work is to be done by trommel screening instead of by star screening, but three fractions in one operation are still desired, the double trommel devices from Terra Select are available. The double trommel screen DT 60 is suitable for volumes of up to 120 cubic meters per hour and refines fine and coarse material in one step. In woodchips, a fine grain screening from less than 4 millimeters to 4 to 25 millimeters to greater than 25 millimeters is possible.

The last step in processing waste wood or biomass as fuel is mostly the separation of impurities – especially stones. For this kind of task, the Terra Select windsifter W 80 can be used.

The Eggersmann Group is a network of companies operating internationally in the areas of construction and recycling technology.