GBB adds senior vice president to executive team

Thomas Reardon has been a GBB vice president from 2009 to 2015.

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Gershman, Brickner and Bratton Inc. (GBB), McLean, Virginia, is proud to announce that Thomas P. Reardon

Thomas P. Reardon

has joined the firm as senior vice president and member of the ownership group. A GBB vice president from 2009 to 2015, he has more than 32 years of experience specializing on alternative energy, clean fuel and waste conversion. His extensive expertise, both as a consultant and as a senior executive in the private sector, encompasses waste-to-energy (WTE) and alternative clean fuels project management; waste conversion/emerging technologies review, analysis and strategic business planning; energy and technology agreement negotiations; facility operations and management; and strategic solid waste management planning.

"Tom has a wealth of strategic planning and hands-on operational experience both in the renewable energy arena and in the solid waste management industry," Harvey Gershman, GBB president, says. "We're excited to have him back with GBB as a valuable leader of GBB project teams, and as a member of the ownership/senior management group."

"This is a great opportunity to once again work with a variety of clients, from public sector entities to technology developers, and apply my expertise to the industry and a wide range of projects with a direct impact on the results," Reardon says.

Most recently, he was chief operating officer for an alternative fuel startup looking to use municipal solid waste (MSW) to create an U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved advanced automobile fuel additive, where he created strategic plans, developed markets, cultivated partnership alliances, and collaborated with funding institutions.

While GBB vice president for six years, he led both solid waste management planning and waste conversion technology projects that included developing solid waste management plans for the city of Fairfax, Virginia and the Wasatch Integrated Waste Management District in Utah; developing a business plan for solid waste disposal for Prince George's County, Maryland; managing several renewable energy projects for Prince William County, Virginia; preparing a feasibility study for a waste-to-fuel facility for the city of Plano, Texas; and preparing a detailed engineering and economic evaluation for the use of MSW as fuel for the Electric Power Research Institute Inc., Palo Alto, California. He led several GBB confidential technology review projects, conducting and compiling detailed marketplace analysis reports; assessing and evaluating alternative waste-to-energy technologies; and providing business development and planning assistance. He also managed confidential witness projects, providing clients with financial court judgments.

For more than 10 years, prior to originally joining GBB, he was business manager for Covanta, Morristown, New Jersey, where he was responsible for managing all financial, business, administration and operational aspects of Covanta's 975-ton-per-day Alexandria/Arlington and 3,000-ton-per-day Fairfax County WTE facilities in Virginia. He successfully managed the $33 million pollution control retrofit and other capital improvement projects at the Alexandria and Fairfax facilities while improving earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) by increasing revenues and maintaining tight cost control measures.

A former director of the Silver Spring, Maryland-based Solid Waste Association of North America's (SWANA’s) WTE technical division from 2012 to 2015, Reardon earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration from Glassboro State College in New Jersey.