GM expands its landfill-free facilities

GM expands its landfill-free facilities

Automaker says 142 GM facilities in North and South America are now landfill-free operations.


Automaker General Motors (GM), Detroit, has announced that an additional 27 GM facilities have reached zero waste status, bringing the total number of GM facilities achieving landfill-free status to 142. Further, the automaker indicates that all its manufacturing plants in Canada, Mexico and South America now recycle, reuse or convert to energy all waste from daily operations.

“We aspire to be a zero waste company with all manufacturing plants achieving landfill-free status,” says Dane Parker, GM’s vice president of sustainable workplaces. “That zero mindset is driven by our local teams and their efforts to find innovative and sustainable solutions that improve the communities where we live and work.”

A full list of newly certified landfill-free facilities can be found here.