Wildfires affect GP mill in Oregon

Natural gas supply disruption, reportedly caused by wildfires, temporarily idles Toledo, Oregon, containerboard mill.

September 17, 2020

Atlanta-based Georgia-Pacific (GP) has temporarily halted production at its Toledo, Oregon, containerboard mill because of a natural gas supply disruption caused by wildfires in that state.

Production was halted Sept. 9 at the mill, according to an article posted Sept. 15 by the Newport (Oregon) News Times. The news outlet says an email sent by GP indicated wildfires in Lincoln County, Oregon, “disrupted the natural gas supply” to the mill.

Natural gas is used to generate steam power for the mill, according to that same e-mail. The paper and board manufacturer says its natural gas supplier is indicating it may be able to restore full service to the mill as soon as Friday, Sept. 18.

GP’s Toledo mill is where it is putting in place its Juno technology. On its website, the company says that process “will enable us to recover paper, plastic and other valuable materials from commercial waste streams.”