The Glass Packaging Institute develops glass recycling resource

The flyer explores avenues and options for glass recycling.


The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI), Arlington, Virginia, has released a new resource for municipal recycling leaders called, “Questions Municipal Recycling Leaders Should Ask About Glass Recycling.” The flyer educates local governments on glass recycling options and helps determine the best direction for satisfying residents’ expectations to recycle glass. It also includes links to support research and urges early collaboration with glass end markets that are often closer than local leaders are led to believe.

GPI’s outreach to local leaders builds off the recently announced initiative, “A Circular Future for Glass,” which is a 10 year plan to raise the United States’ glass recycling rate to 50 percent and boost the average use of recycled content in domestically made glass containers.

“Glass bottles and jars are 100 percent and endlessly recyclable, and there are many options for municipalities to keep glass in their programs,” says GPI President Scott DeFife. “Before any decisions are made that will impact the community, it is important for local leaders to understand the variety of avenues and options for glass recycling that may work for their residents. This new flyer is the first of many resources that GPI will provide to municipal leaders to clarify the misinformation and limited options frequently presented to them during contract negotiations, which leave the impression that eliminating glass is the only way to sustain their recycling programs.”