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March 11, 2019

Republic Services deepens commitment to RNG

Republic Services Inc., Phoenix, has announced an agreement that represents the widest geographic usage of Clean Energy Redeem renewable natural gas (RNG) in North America, the company said in a press release Feb. 11. Redeem RNG is a low-carbon transportation fuel produced by Clean Energy of Newport Beach, California, that lowers greenhouse gas emissions.

A growing number of Republic Services’ natural gas-powered vehicles will utilize increasing amounts of Redeem RNG fuel across 21 states over the next five years. This is projected to reduce fleet emissions by roughly 250,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year, which is equal to taking 53,000 passenger vehicles off the road, Republic Services says.

“As the operator of the seventh largest vocational fleet in the country, we are continually looking for sustainable business solutions and committed to the reduction of fleet emissions,” says Pete Keller, vice president of recycling and sustainability at Republic Services. “We continue to expand our fleet of clean-powered collection vehicles, and RNG is a seamless complement with additional environmental benefits.”

RNG is derived from biogenic methane, or biogas, which is methane generated by the decomposition of organic waste from dairy farms, landfills and wastewater treatment facilities. Once the gas is processed and purified, it is sent into the natural gas pipeline and made commercially available to Clean Energy customers as Redeem.

Republic Services is not only a natural gas customer of Clean Energy—it also supplies some of the gas from its landfills to create Redeem RNG.

“We commend Republic Services for its long-term use of natural gas to support sustainability objectives and furthering the growth of RNG as a vehicle fuel with the expanded use of Redeem,” says Chad Lindholm, the vice president of Clean Energy. “Together, we will work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make a positive environmental impact on communities across America.”

As part of Republic Services’ ongoing Blue Planet sustainability initiative, the company says it continues to build durable practices and programs across its sustainability platform. These initiatives further improve its environmental and social impacts through decreased vehicle emissions, innovative landfill technologies and the use of renewable energy, the company says. Nationwide, Republic Services operates a fleet of more than 3,000 natural gas vehicles and 43 natural gas fueling stations.

Waste Pro offers helper safety performance bonus

Waste Pro USA of Longwood, Florida, kicked off 2019 by rewarding safety. Two helpers in Waste Pro’s Southwest Florida region have become the first recipients of the $5,000 Helper Safety Performance Bonus, a three-year performance bonus program launched in January 2016.

The first recipient of the award was Emanuel Edmondson, a helper in Waste Pro’s Bradenton/Sarasota division. Waste Pro President Sean Jennings, who previously served as the Sarasota division manager, worked closely with Edmondson and saw first-hand Edmondson’s dedication to his job.

“In the nearly three years I worked with Emanuel, he was always available to work,” Jennings says. “We had to explain to him that he would not be letting us down by taking a vacation day.”

To receive the bonus, helpers must work full-time, maintain a clean truck and go three years with no unscheduled absences, customer complaints, property or vehicle damage, rule violations or driver-caused breakdowns.

In the Fort Myers division, helper Guins Menelus was named the second bonus recipient. A 12-year veteran of the division, he “has been a rock-steady member of our team,” says Division Manager Bill Jones.

In addition to the helper bonus, Waste Pro also offers a $10,000 Safety Award to its eligible drivers. Waste Pro has awarded more than $3.5 million to its drivers since 2004.

Waste Management donates $100,000 to National Geographic Society

As part of the Waste Management Phoenix Open Sustainability Forum Jan. 31, Waste Management (WM) of Houston announced a charitable donation of $100,000 to the National Geographic Society of Washington, D.C., to support its environmental and science education programs.

This year’s Waste Management Sustainability Forum focused on the challenges and solutions of plastic pollution in the environment, the company says.

“As the use of plastic has increased across the globe, the amount of waste in the marine environment has grown at an alarming rate,” says Jim Fish, the president and CEO of WM. “Education is a critical component of addressing this very real challenge. We are excited to support National Geographic Society’s outstanding education programs that highlight education around marine debris and their efforts to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans, rivers and streams.”

The Waste Management Sustainability Forum is an annual conference that aims to create a collaborative space where corporate leaders, municipalities, government officials, experts, innovators and influencers can explore and share insights on environmental topics. It takes place alongside the Waste Management Phoenix Open, which the company says is the largest zero-waste sporting event in the world.

To learn more about how WM is supporting local communities across North America, visit http://sustainability.wm.com/community/community-vitality.