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Image courtesy Wastequip

Integrated coverage across the industry

Wastequip can help cover multiple aspects of your business, including construction, industrial and residential.

May 2, 2022

Wastequip’s broad waste industry presence allows businesses working with one of the brands to secure various related products and services from sister companies. This creates added efficiencies that can boost business.

Below is a few examples of the ways the integrated brand family’s products and services can cover multiple critical needs for businesses:

  • Residential/curbside – The Wastequip family of brands has everything covered when it comes to municipal waste and recycling.
  • Construction – The construction industry knows to trust Wastequip when handling construction waste and recycling. Wastequip containers are recognized on construction sites nationwide and are known for quality and performance.
  • Industrial/commercial –  Wastequip offers the equipment, service and parts commercial customers need, plus the expertise and ongoing support to keep hauling. It is built tough, with performance in mind, and with the nationwide service and support to keep operations running smoothly.
  • Landfill/recycling – At Wastequip, we specialize in getting waste and recycling contained, sorted, collected and hauled to where it belongs.
  • Parts and service – With Wastequip WRX and Wastebuilt, we’ve got parts and service needs covered, coast to coast.
  • Technology – With our expansive portfolio of brands, Wastequip has moved beyond supplying only equipment and has become business owners’ comprehensive partner in supporting the waste and recycling industry. Two new acquisitions have considerably strengthened our offerings.

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