International Baler releases 'European style' auto-tie baler made in the USA

International Baler releases 'European style' auto-tie baler made in the USA

Company says its ATX auto-tie baler series is a high-volume baler for MRF and MSW applications.

August 3, 2018
Edited by DeAnne Toto

International Baler Corp. (IBC), Jacksonville, Florida, has begun producing its ATX auto-tie baler series, which it describes as a high-volume, “European style” baler for material recovery facility (MRF) and municipal solid waste (MSW) applications. The company says it is the first manufacturer to offer this class of machine manufactured in the U.S., providing “a domestic alternative to the high cost and extended lead time of overseas shipping, parts and service.”

Designed for high-production applications, the ATX auto-tie baler is ideal for single- and dual-stream recycling facilities, large fiber processors and municipalities where speed is a necessity, according to IBC. The ATX is capable of processing more than 60,000 cubic feet of material per hour, with throughputs of up to 50 tons per hour.

The ATX features a triple-motor 225-horsepower flooded suction power unit and a roller platen that is designed to be robust and to ride easily inside the chamber on solid steel ball-bearing rollers, the company says. It is equipped with a 10-inch (5,000 PSI) main bore cylinder to achieve optimal bale density, while a jam-clear stamper is designed to minimize downtime.

IBC says it has designed the ATX with longevity in mind using a solid-plate, keyed construction frame and heavy-duty hydraulics. The fully lined chamber features replaceable AR-450 liners that bolt into the machine to reduce the downtime associated with conventional plug-welded liners during replacement.

IBC says it plans to bring the ATX to market at a competitive price point and lead time.

More information is available by contacting the sales team at 800-231-9286 or at