Lindner model shreds wood at high volumes in the Netherlands
Jan Arie van der Meijden says the Netherlands-based Tuytel Group chose Lindner’s Urraco 95DK shredder because of its sturdy, welded cutting system and perfect output.
Photo supplied by Lindner Recyclingtech.

Lindner model shreds wood at high volumes in the Netherlands

Company’s Urraco shredder churns through wood scrap for Tuytel Group in Oud-Alblas, Netherlands.

November 19, 2020

A Urraco 95DK model shredder made by Austria-based Linder-Recyclingtech GmbH has established itself as a high-volume performer in Oud-Alblas, Netherlands, according to that shredder’s rental company the Tuytel Group.

Tuytel, based about 15 miles from Rotterdam, provides equipment to regional companies that process wood scrap into the Dutch grades A, B and C. The largest wood grade by volume companies try to produce is category B, defined as processed scrap wood that is not contaminated by wood preservatives or organohalogen covalent substances.

At the beginning of 2020, Lindner and its Dutch sales partner Van der Spek Vianen B.V. supplied Tuytel with a Urraco 95DK shredder and a Zeta Star 95DK star screen. The units were added to a fleet that had been home to two mobile twin-shaft shredders of the Urraco 75 series for several years.

Tuytel offers its customers the Urraco 95DK “as a single-step processing solution” for particle sizes of smaller than 180 millimeters (7 inches). Combined with Lindner’s Zeta Star 95DK star screen, finer fractions can be produced. Tuytel also provides the option of renting the machines with an operator.

“When purchasing a new waste wood processing solution, we looked at different technical equipment on the market,” says Jan Arie van der Meijden, responsible for Tuytel Group’s recycling division. “In the end we came back to Lindner. Our experiences with our two Urracos have been fantastic, [and] the sturdy welded cutting system and the exact output size were the deciding factors. With a throughput of approximately 65 metric tons per hour, the shredding unit endures high loads.”

Adds van der Meijden, “We do not want our customers to have to retighten or even replace the knives every 80 hours. The Urraco 95DK shredder easily operates 600 to 700 hours without intervention and does so with a clean output and no great anomalies.”

The majority of the processed wood scrap is shipped to energy recovery facilities. “In addition to the precisely defined output, it is extremely important to our clients that the rented solution can also be operated at high productivity,” says van der Meijden. “That’s where our Lindner machines give us a crucial advantage with their ease of operation and very long maintenance intervals. This means the operator can focus on feeding the machine and the shredder takes care of the rest.”