Sweden-based company invests in robotic sorting

Sweden-based company invests in robotic sorting

Lundstams Återvinning AB say the investment will allow it to process material more efficiently.

July 5, 2018
Carrie George

The waste management company Lundstams Återvinning AB, Östersund, Sweden, and equipment supplier Mared AB, Huskvarna, Sweden, have agreed on a delivery of ZenRobotics, Helsinki, Finland, waste sorting robots to one of Lundstams’ facilities in northern Sweden. Lundstams says the new sorting line allows it to process material more efficiently and closer to the source. The robotic sorting line is expected to be operational in the first quarter of 2019.

Lundstams, founded in 1949, provides waste management and environmental services to companies and municipalities in northern Sweden. The robotic sorting line is expected to increase overall material recovery and quality of the sorted fractions at the facility. Additionally, the need to transport material decreases when waste can be processed closer to the source, the company says.

“At Lundstams we’re determined to work toward improving material circulation. This is a great opportunity to make better use of materials that were wasted before,” Mattias Marktin, Lundstams CEO, says.

ZenRobotics says its sorting robots are now picking material more smoothly and quickly. Recent improvements in motion control increase the robot’s sorting speed by 15 percent thanks to more efficient robotic movements.

The new robotic sorting line is expected to automate and advance the company’s sorting operations in Östersund. According to Lundstams, the local municipality that granted project financing is happy with its investment in robotic waste sorting. The company says the municipality considered it a "climate-smart" investment and an exemplary case of combining environmental benefits with new business opportunities.

“By improving our resource recovery, we can offer high-quality products and services to our customers. Furthermore, we want to help our customers in becoming the best recyclers, and with the most advanced technologies we can do just that,” Marktin says.

ZenRobotics’ Swedish partner, Mared AB, will deliver the new robotic sorting line, which will be the second robot line in Sweden.

“Sweden has one of the highest waste recovery rates in the world, but there is still a lot left to be done,” Mats Mared, Mared AB CEO, says. “Lundstams is one of the progressive recycling companies in Sweden, and we’re proud and honored to have been chosen as their supplier. We look forward to realizing this high-end project together with them.”