Mantsinen debuts material handling solution
The Mantsinen 140 features turning wheels, which enables sideways movement and efficient use in limited space.

Mantsinen debuts material handling solution

Mantsinen 140 material handlers can be used in ports and in steel mills.

September 30, 2019

Finland-based Mantsinen has introduced a new material handling machine, the Mantsinen 140, to the market. According to a news release from Mantsinen, it is the first portal machine of this size with turning wheels, which enables sideways movement and efficient use in limited space. 

Mantsinen 140 is designed mainly to be used at ports in loading and unloading ships, but it also can be used in pulp and steel mills in feeding operations and terminal works.

The 140 model, positioned between Mantsinen’s 120 and 160 models, completes the company’s material handling offering. According to Mantsinen, the machine is a natural step for clients who are looking for more tons per hour from their material handling machines without a significantly bigger investment. 

The Mantsinen 140 is designed for a long life time and it offers easy maintenance, the company reports. Its undercarriage, power line and optional equipment are the same as in all other Mantsinen material handling machines.

The machine features a Hybrilift that makes it up to 50 percent more energy efficient. For maintenance work, it includes a machine room with a roof on the top. Mantsinen Telematics System transfers important machine and operational data to a cloud service, including information such as handled tons, hydraulic pressures, temperatures and electronic service follow-up. 

Thanks to Mantsinen’s assembly plant in Rauma seaport, Finland, the company can deliver fully assembled, ready-to-use machines for clients. Mantsinen 140 machines have already been delivered and sold to several countries.

All Mantsinen material handling machines are manufactured in Finland. The Mantsinen 140 was developed in only 1.5 years. The product offering now has machines in all size ranges together with a large selection of attachments.