M&J 4000
Photo courtesy Metso

ADRS uses M&J 4000 for efficient landfill collaboration

See why ADRS uses the M&J 4000 shredder by Metso for alternative daily cover.

October 1, 2021

After Yancey Bros. sold an M&J 4000-8 shredder to ADRS, the recycling company immediately put this product to work at its high-volume C&D transfer station.

ADRS is running shredded material directly into the trommel screen for dirt/fines removal. The company then sells it back to a landfill for alternative daily cover (ADC). The shredded material is then diverted back to the landfill, where ADRS receives price breaks and benefits for supplying the densified material.

ADRS has a long-term strategy of installing material recovery facilities, where the company will be able to sort and remarket all reclaimed materials. Thanks to Metso’s technology, ADRS not only can improve its own economic efficiencies but help its nearby landfill enhance its sustainability.

M&J 4000M mobile preshredders come with a variety of configurations and desired output levels to meet companies’ shredding needs. They are available as track-mounted or wheel-mounted options and meet all European and American emissions standards.

These mobile preshredders are constructed with a robust frame, allowing for minimum energy consumption throughout operation. The control unit’s inclusion of two custom programs for tailored shredding routines helps maximize its performance in any application, be it anything from municipal solid waste to commercial or bulky waste.