Minnesota city revokes Advanced Disposal permit

Newport City Council claims the company stopped using the site for its permitted purpose.


Newport, Minnesota, city council recently voted to revoke Ponte Vedra, Florida-based Advanced Disposal’s conditional use permit based on the company’s discontinued and change in use of a property in Newport, a report by the South Washington County Bulletin says. The facility was used for refuse hauling and has seen been storing waste.

The city claims Advanced Disposal’s Newport property has been unused for more than a year and by statue, the city can either bring it back into conformance or revoke the permit. The city says the property also has health code violations and is allegedly misused.

Washington County public health inspectors found more than 20,000 containers that held waste and stagnant water. The containers were attracting mosquitos and vermin. Peter Larsen, the company’s attorney, says that because the waste containers were there, the company was still using it.

The city council argues in the report that the company’s use of the site changed drastically enough that it no longer adheres to the permit it received in 1996. The city says it has sent letters to Advanced Disposal informing the business is was nonconforming.

The city notified the company that it had 10 days to conform to the permit in December. The conditional use permit was brought before the city council where the changes were not made. Mayor Dan Lund says in the report that bringing refuse hauling back to the site is not appropriate as it is a residential area.