Texas agency awards Paragon Waste Solutions permit

Texas agency awards Paragon Waste Solutions permit

Company says the permit positions it as the only approved technology in the state to destroy hazardous medical waste.

March 21, 2017

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has issued Paragon Waste Solutions an air quality permit for its CoronaLux Waste Destruction System. Paragon is a subsidiary of Strategic Environmental & Energy Resources (SEER).

Paragon's CoronaLux system uses a low-energy, plasma-enhanced pyrolytic process to safely and reliably destroy hazardous, chemical, biological, pharmaceutical and regulated medical waste. The system also eliminates harmful emissions associated with high-temperature thermal alternative processes such as incineration and conventional hot plasma. visit: 

SEER, based in Golden, Colorado, provides environmental, renewable fuels and industrial waste stream management services to commercial businesses.

Paragon’s CoronaLux System has been designed to destroy medical waste. The permit was received after a two-month review that incorporated data from detailed testing in California and was directed and monitored by the South Coast Air Quality Management District, as well as the successful Florida testing and permitting by Florida’s Broward County and the state’s Department of Health.

With the permit in Texas, Paragon Waste Solutions says it is now permitted in the three most rigorous testing and demanding air quality venues in the United States.

In conjunction with the Texas permit, Paragon Waste Solutions says it is in active negotiations with several prospective and established medical waste partners to create a joint venture to establish a commercial facility in Texas where, in addition to providing the equipment and technology, Paragon Waste would have a direct equity investment in the waste collection and destruction facility.

"After a challenging start in the California market hindered by long lag times in between the review phases that greatly extended the total review time, we have pivoted to a new model that ensures an accelerated path to commercialization, and one we are looking to replicate in several other markets," says Fortunato Villamagna, president of Paragon. "It will enable the company to penetrate markets that are ready to transact and benefit from the value and environmental proposition with our CoronaLux technology. We expect to provide an update on the California market that includes our permitting progress and recent developments outside of our operating facility in Paramount, California," Villamagna adds.