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March 12, 2021

Generate announces hiring of Bill Caesar

Generate, San Francisco, an investor and operator of diversified, sustainable infrastructure, has announced the hiring of waste industry veteran Bill Caesar.

According to the company, Caesar will help lead and expand Generate’s operations in its broad range of waste-to-value segments.

“The linear approach to extracting, using and disposing of our natural resources is undergoing an important and necessary transition to a more circular, efficient and sustainable model,” says Scott Jacobs, CEO and co-founder of Generate. “We have seen this transition in other areas of energy and resources, driven by the compelling economic value propositions offered to customers. In order to achieve better land use, create a more productive reuse of materials and mitigate climate change, we must build smart, sustainable, affordable waste management infrastructure across the United States—a multibillion-dollar opportunity we are excited to continue leading. Bill’s deep expertise in the waste sector and his extensive leadership experience will enable Generate to significantly expand our presence in the sector and accelerate our global, multigenerational impact.”

Caesar brings decades of experience in waste management and recycling, corporate strategy and innovation. His most recent position was as CEO of Houston-based WCA Waste Corp., which was acquired by Ontario-based GFL Environmental in 2020 for $1.2 billion. Prior to this role, he held several positions with Houston-based Waste Management (WM). He joined WM in 2010 as the chief strategy officer, and in 2012, became the president of WM Recycling and the WM Organic Growth Group.