Late March session kicks off sports-recycling connection

Late March session kicks off sports-recycling connection

March 24 circular economy online dialog includes Philadelphia Eagles participation.

New York-based sustainability consulting firm Recipric is hosting an online event it says is designed to “set the stage for the power of sports” to provide momentum to sustainability and circular economy efforts.

Recipric founder Kristen Fulmer will host and moderate the event, scheduled for Wednesday, March 24, at 12:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

Fulmer says the virtual event will include an introduction to SUPR, a “single-use plastic reduction badge system” for sports organizations managed by the New York-based Oceanic Global Foundation and its program manager Cassia Patel.

Although Recipric and Oceanic Global are based in New York, they have secured two guests from the Philadelphia Eagles NFL franchise, bridging the long-time Eagles versus New York Giants rivalry. The online dialog will include Eagles Director of Fan Engagement Norman Vossschulte and former Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin.

Barwin also is the founder and president of the Philadelphia-based Make the World Better Foundation.

Fulmer says the conversation will cover “specific examples of circularity with the Eagles, and the power of intersectional environmentalism to address systemic challenges in Philadelphia.”

States Fulmer of the event and potential follow-up activities, “Sports have the power to shine light on systemic issues, enact meaningful impact, and due to sheer scale and fan engagement capacity, even catalyze a circular economy.”

More information on the March 24 event can be found on this web page.