Presona balers help lower a footprint
Two Presona balers are now on the job for United Kingdom-based retailer the Co-Op Group.
Photo provided by Presona AB.

Presona balers help lower a footprint

Swedish-made baler helps U.K. retailer keep its fuel consumption in check.

November 27, 2020

Sweden-based recycling machinery manufacturer Presona AB says it has helped United Kingdom-based retailer Co-op Group reduce its carbon footprint with the installation of two new balers and Presona U.K.-built conveyors at the firm’s Avonmouth and Andover Distribution Centers in England.

The two LP50 EH1 ECC balers process cardboard and plastic on the same baler and use Presona technology designed to ensure optimum energy efficiency

The production of materials compressed in the balers will support Co-op in reducing the number of truck trips used to move materials to recycling centers and mills in different parts of the U.K.

Presona’s U.K. Projects Manager Richard Gould supervised the installation of the balers and conveyors, working with Co-op “to do this is in a timely and safe manner in line with Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations,” says the company.

Presona says the Co-op Group has indicated the installation was seamless, and the firm is looking forward to seeing the positive environmental impact the baler will have on Co-op’s recycling statistics – and is looking forward to working with Presona more in the future.