Presona claims cost efficiency with new baler
Presona says a precompression feature is a key design aspect of its new MP 270 MH baler.
Photo courtesy of Presona.

Presona claims cost efficiency with new baler

Equipment company says its large-volume MP 270 MH baler includes precompression feature.

September 23, 2020

Sweden-based Presona says it is launching a new baler design created to reduce recycling costs while increasing operational efficiency. The firm’s MP 270 MH baler is the first Presona baler built using what it calls “a revolutionary new design concept that creates super-high capacity while being very cost-effective. This means that a single MP 270 MH baler can replace several smaller balers at a significantly lower cost.”

The MP 270 MH features what Presona calls parallel processes and self-optimization. When material falls into the baler, its density is automatically measured and then the baler optimizes itself and proceeds to precompress the material to 200 kilograms (440 pounds) per cubic meter. The precompressed material is then moved to the main press which creates finished bales while new material is being precompressed, says the firm.

“Being able to precompress and make finished bales at the same time means the capacity will be much higher compared to other types of balers on the market,” says Stefan Ekström, CEO of Presona. “The precompression can be compared to a turbocharger – by increasing the density of the added material we get much higher output, i.e, more bales per hour. This means that the cost per bale will be lower.”

The new baler also is referred to as Presona’s Mega model, and the firm says it “is intended for recycling and sorting plants or other businesses that bale large quantities of material.”

Presona says the MP 270 MH “has a real capacity of 45 metric tons (49.6 short tons) of material per hour.” The firm says that’s 50 percent more than Presona’s second-largest baler, the LP 140, and three times as much as the smaller LP 60.

The MP 270 MH includes software designed to provide that Presona calls “self-optimization [that] ensures the machine is always running optimally. This function also reduces the need for staff to set up and change the baler’s programs. Less staff input decreases the risk of incorrect settings which can prevent the baler from being used to its full capacity.”

The Swedish firm says the MP 270 MH also has been designed to handle multiple materials, including old corrugated containers (OCC), plastic film, municipal solid waste (MSW) or old newspapers (ONP).  

“This design’s super-high capacity means that it can replace several smaller balers at a significantly lower cost,” says Ekström. “The cost per baled ton drops significantly when you use an MP 270 MH.”

Two video clips about the new baler can be found on this web page