Priority Waste sees success in hiring local residents

Priority Waste sees success in hiring local residents

The company has hired 37 employees to handle services since taking over waste collection in Flint, Michigan, four months ago.

January 26, 2022

Since taking over solid waste collection operations in Flint, Michigan, four months ago, Priority Waste says it has been committed to hiring more local employees.

In a recent update shared by the city of Flint, Michigan-based Priority Waste has hired 37 employees to handle services in the city, with 20 of them being residents of Flint. As reported by ABC 12 News, the company says the employees it hired from Flint are “truly helping them make a bigger difference in the city, beyond basic trash collection.”

"When you hire people that live inside the community that they service, they kind of give that extra touch, extra love, extra care," Dan Venet, director of municipal relations with Priority Waste, told ABC 12 News.

Venet said when taking on this contract—which was previously with Phoenix-based Republic Services—it was a must that the company hire local employees to take on trash collection in the city of Flint and it has been inspiring to see their level of care.

"The employees take it upon themselves to identify those areas of issue where some blight materials may be out or bulk items may be laying on the ground, and they coordinate efforts to clean that up," Venet told ABC 12 News.

In the first four weeks of service in Flint, crews reportedly went above and beyond their jobs, taking on blight projects to help improve the city. "I think that was a huge effort that kind of reset the service for Flint and the residents and hopefully they have seen that and know that we're in it for the long haul, it will be something we continue to keep an eye on," Venet said.

Venet added that while 20 employees from the city of Flint is good, he hopes to bring more on board.

"We came from the blue-collar mentality of Michigan. You dig your feet in, you get dirty, and you do the job right the first time," Venet said. "Those are the kind of people were looking for. So, if there is anyone looking for a position that is excited and a positive person—we want to talk to them."