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New and updated products and technology for the waste conversion industry.

December 12, 2016

Konecranes biomass cranes

With U.S. headquarters in Springfield, Ohio, Konecranes offers biomass handling cranes. Features include:

  • automatically starts the working cycle to fill the hopper from the storage after it receives the command from the sensor
  • every time crane deposits or picks up material, it updates the storage in that coordinate location
  • integrated rope/cable drum
  • vertical power cable for the bucket
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The Ratto Group/Wrighspeed truck

Wrightspeed Inc., Alameda, California, and The Ratto Group, Santa Rosa, California, have unveiled the first commercial application of a range-extended electric collection truck powered by Wrightspeed’s The Route. Features include:

  • recognized by the state of California for its ability to help meet progressive climate and air quality mandates
  • delivers economic, environmental and performance benefits in both original equipment manufacturers-installed new vehicles and existing fleet retrofits
  • designed as a replacement for conventional piston engine and transmission systems
  • provides unlimited range and fuel cost reductions
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Haas Tyron shredders

Haas Recycling Systems has released its Haas Tyron shredder, distributed to North America exclusively through Shred-Tech, headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario. Features include:

  • is capable of processing difficult materials
  • able to processes more than 100 tons per hour with minimal dust generation and low wear and tear
  • available in three models—the 1500, 2000 and 2500
  • central lubrication, radio remote control and a control system that works in extreme temperatures
  • available options include trailer or track mounting, hopper extension, particle filter and sprinkling device
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Empasys processing system

Empasys, Wilmington, Delaware, introduces the on-site AESRPT-BG, a commercial scalable waste-to-energy solution that can be used to produce electricity, heat or cooking gas using organic waste. Features include:

  • the ability to be designed as a single system or multiple systems installed above ground
  • can be installed without a sewage pump if its connected directly with the drain pipe of the sewage system
  • biomass waste can be fed into the system manually or by an automatic sewage pump
  • available as four different systems—System 1 Fermentation, System 2 Fermentation, System 3 Fermentiation and System 4 Fermentation
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