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New and updated products and technology for the waste industry.

February 13, 2019

Spaleck 3D Combi Screener.

Spaleck USA, the subsidiary of German-based equipment maker Spaleck, has developed a new 3D-combi screener. Features include:

  • up to five screening fractions
  • 3D screening segments with a modular design for quick and easy changes
  • a subframe to compensate for the residual vibrations of the screen
  • an optimum loosening and circulation of the product on the upper deck

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General Kinematics Finger-Screen 2.0.

General Kinematics, Crystal Lake, Illinois, has released a new model of its Finger-Screen Vibratory Separator, ideal for municipal solid waste, commercial, industrial and single-stream applications. Features include:

  • a higher lift for challenging materials, including garbage bags, yard waste and other lightweight, flexible materials
  • a vibratory motion to evenly spread material for maximum classification efficiency
  • staggered fingers to prevent material bypass
  • cascading material flow to help separate entrapped items

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Beyond Environmental iSorb MioGel.

The Chicago-based Beyond Environmental says it has made bio-cleaning controllable to treat petroleum products, crude oils, diesel and more. Features of the cleaning gel include:

  • “smart gel” with hydrocarbon-consuming microbes, which are non-GMO and listed as safe by the EPA
  • formulated in variable, application-specific viscosities that can range from watery to semi-solid
  • customizable for each application with the correct balance of microbes
  • solution remains in place and activates at point of contamination

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DustBoss DB-60 Fusion.

BossTek of Peoria, Illinois, has announced the release of the new DustBoss DB-60 Fusion. The DustBoss DB-60 Fusion is a suppression system driven by a 25-horsepower electric motor paired with a genset featuring a heavy-duty four-cycle indirect injection diesel engine. Other features of the DustBoss DB-60 Fusion include:

  • a generator with a dual-containment fuel cell, heavy gauge lockable enclosure and oversized brushless alternator for easy starting
  • sound attenuation for noise reduction
  • 80-gallon fuel capacity for more than 24 hours of run time
  • touchscreen panel for controlling the unit

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