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New and updated products and technology for the waste industry.

January 31, 2021

Volvo EW200E material handler.

Volvo Construction Equipment, with North American headquarters in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, has launched the EW200E material handler, designed for use in the light waste handling segment. Features of the EW200E include:

  • ideal for light and medium material handling like plastic, MSW and scrap
  • weighs 22.6 tons and is powered by a Volvo D6J 6-liter Tier 4 Final engine that provides 173 horsepower
  • three boom and arm configurations
  • straight boom can be fitted with either a 13-foot gooseneck arm or an 11-foot, 6-inch sorting arm, giving the EW200E a max reach of 33 feet and a max lifting capacity of 25,600 pounds

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BossTek DustBoss Atom.

Peoria, Illinois-based BossTek says its new DustBoss Atom has been engineered to provide greater mobility and performance. Features of the dust suppression unit include:

  • a 9.1 horsepower Kohler air-cooled engine that meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards
  • adjustable elevation angle and user-defined oscillation to allow precise aiming of dust-capturing mist comprised of millions of droplets per minute in the 50- to 200-microns range
  • a fan-less, self-contained design that incorporates remote control and 4G LTE telematics technologies
  • fits in the back of a pickup truck, so it can be quickly positioned and relocated to address dust-generating activity directly at the source

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Rotar RSQ quick-coupler adapter.

Rotar International BV, a Netherlands-based manufacturer of hydraulic attachments for the demolition, recycling and scrap metal industries, has introduced its RSQ full hydraulic quick-coupler adapter. Features of the new adapter include:

  • combination can be built up to 200 millimeters shorter and up to 440 pounds lighter in comparison with traditional hammer top plates
  • improved stability of carriers because of favorable center of gravity
  • service inspection cover for the new RSQ adapter, providing easy access to components in the upper section of the attachment for service
  • additional sizes and combinations available upon request

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Tana 440DTeco shredder.

Tana, Finland, a manufacturer of machines and equipment for the mechanical processing of solid waste, has announced the addition of the 440DTeco to its 440 series of shredders. Features of the new model include:

  • higher machine frame, which allows for over 200 millimeters of additional space between the conveyor and the rotor on track models
  • new hopper design with a raised wall to prevent unshredded materials from falling onto the discharge conveyor
  • option of 44 knives for added shredding performance
  • equipped with an updated labyrinth seal, which has improved the rotor end structure to protect the gearbox from external objects and disturbances

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