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New and updated products and technology for the waste industry

Edge Innovate TRM831 mobile trommel screen

North Ireland-based Edge Innovate has introduced its Edge TRM831 mobile trommel screen, which is designed to offer high production rates with extensive stockpiling capacities. The new trommel screen:

  • is ideal for high-capacity screening applications, including topsoil, compost, household waste and C&D debris
  • is equipped with eco-power saving functionality to reduce unnecessary operating costs
  • has a screening area of 613 square yards, allowing for sequential startup and customization of operating parameters with an Edge HMI, or human-machine interface, control panel

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Taoglas Waste Insights solutions

Taoglas, an advanced technology provider based in Dublin, has launched its Taoglas Waste Insights solution for the North American market. The service provides real-time data analytics to optimize waste monitoring and collection processes. Features include:

  • the ability to gather actionable insights toward more cost-effective and sustainable operations
  • smart container sensors, an example of which is pictured at right
  • in-vehicle navigation to alert waste haulers when their containers are full
  • access to a pickup route feature and predictive collection modeling

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3rd Eye Purif-Eye camera system

3rd Eye, Downers Grove, Illinois, has launched Purif-Eye, a camera system that can assist haulers in optimizing collection. The new camera system:

  • was designed to assist recyclers with preventing rejected loads at material recovery facilities
  • collects images of commercial container content and processes them to identify potential contamination
  • helps fleet owners educate customers by monitoring their material streams to reduce recycling contamination
  • does not reduce route productivity as manually inspecting and photographing loads does

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Eriez RevX-E eccentric eddy current separators

Erie, Pennsylvania-based manufacturer Eriez has introduced its newest eccentric eddy current separator, the RevX-E, which is designed to give customers high-quality performance in a more maintenance-friendly package. Features of the eddy current separator include:

  • an eccentrically mounted magnetic rotor within a nonconductive shell for separating nonferrous metals
  • direct drive for both the rotor and conveyor
  • a cantilevered frame that enables maintenance staff to change the belt in less than 10 minutes
  • large access panels around the machine that are designed to facilitate entry for maintenance

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