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New and updated products and technology for the waste industry.

August 12, 2020

Taylor Machine Works lift trucks.

Louisville, Mississippi-based Taylor Machine Works Inc. has announced the release of its XH-650L and XH-700L lift trucks. Features of the new models include:

  • a 250-horsepower Cummins QSL9 Tier 4 final turbocharged diesel engine
  • a full range of structurally enhanced Ultra-View XD masts
  • heavy-duty planetary axles, wet disc brakes, multispeed automatic powershift transmissions and a steer axle
  • backed by Sudden Service Inc. trained personnel, along with Taylor’s team of authorized dealers and direct factory store locations to provide ongoing support.

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Untha launches Untha Genius.

Industrial shredder manufacturer Untha Shredding Technology, Austria, has launched Untha Genius, a condition monitoring tool designed to help optimize plant productivity from an operator’s remote device. Features of the Untha Genius include:

  • several intuitive in-built machine sensors to analyze a shredder’s performance in real-time
  • process values such as engine temperature, speed and torque, machine utilization, conveyor power, energy consumption and costs are all securely accessible via smartphone, tablet or PC, irrespective of the operator’s location
  • an at-a-glance dashboard illustrates the must-know metrics, but users also can drill down further to uncover performance trends via the secure storage of four months of data
  • proactive notifications sent to the individual’s phone to alert of potential machine error or the risk of a predefined operational threshold being exceeded

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Endura-Veyor empty box removal system.

Alpena, Michigan-based Endura-Veyor debuted its Empty Box Removal System, or OCC Trash Line Conveyor System, which is an empty box trash line solution designed to meet the operational requirements of each unique site and location, the company says. Features of the system include:

  • ideal for increasing efficiency in handling and transporting OCC boxes and integrates with the site’s operational design
  • specifically designed to eliminate product jams, improve operational efficiency and worker safety as well as reduce wear and tear on OCC baling or compacting equipment
  • offers an efficient way to manage OCC and can be integrated with the baler or compactor equipment for an automated solution
  • can be beneficial to manufacturers, distribution centers and warehouses that repack products or manage large volumes of empty boxes as part of daily operations

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Ecogensus EGS-5000L.

Hartford, Connecticut-based Ecogensus LLC has introduced its EGS-5000L to thermally treat waste and convert it into fuel. Features of the product include:

  • designed to be transported in standard shipping containers for quick deployment at waste facilities
  • capable of processing municipal solid waste (MSW) into a solid fuel that can be used at power plants and in coal boilers
  • 46 to 53 percent lower energy usage
  • incorporates a dual-shell process vessel that features an efficient heated processor within a near-vacuum outer vessel

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