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New and updated products and technology for the waste industry.

March 11, 2021

Franklin Miller Super Shredder SS2400.

Franklin Miller, Livingston, New Jersey, has released the Super Shredder SS2400 inline disintegrator to reduce a variety of liquid-borne solids with what it describes as “a unique, low-headloss design.” Features of the shredder include:

  • effective for operating in tough applications, such as with tar sands and dredging as well as sewage, sludge waste and process lines
  • reduces clogging and downtime
  • constructed in stainless steel with a precision tungsten carbide hardfacing to withstand a high-grit environment
  • driven by a direct-coupled gear drive that employs up to a 50-horsepower motor

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Westeria Foerdertechnik AirLift.

North Carolina-based eFactor3 says air classifiers, such as the Westeria AirLift it distributes in the U.S., can be a crucial piece of equipment when it comes to the type of precision sorting necessary in some plastic recycling applications. Features of the Germany-made Westeria Airlift include:

  • capable of sorting fractions made up of components that differ in specific weight
  • consists of a SpeedCon high-speed conveyor belt, the AirLift unit itself and an AirWheel downstream to assist with output
  • can be configured in widths from between 1,000 millimeters (mm) to 3,500 mm
  • a maximum output capacity of 5.6 metric tons per hour

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BCA Industries Triplus knife system.

Wisconsin-based BCA Industries, a maker of industrial shredding and recycling equipment, says its patented Triplus knife system technology is a viable option for lithium-ion battery shredding and recycling. Features of the shredding system include:

  • a bed knife design in a dual-shaft shredder to cut the width of the material to any size in a single pass without requiring a screen
  • can produce more than 85 percent correctly sized material in one pass with less than 10 percent oversized material
  • can accommodate a 50-horsepower (hp) single-pass shredder to produce the same amount of recyclable product per hour as a standard 100- to 150-hp conventional system
  • reduces recycler energy costs by $1,500 to $5,000 per month while producing a more consistently sized product

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Steinert UniSort Unibot.

Steinert GmbH, Cologne, Germany, has released its UniSort Unibot sorting robot that is designed to combine sensor technology with modern robotics to increase the efficiency of sorting facilities. Features of the sorting robot include:

  • sorting programs that are facilitated by a combination of sensors made up of high-resolution NIR and colored cameras
  • designed for precise detection through extremely high-resolution hyperspectral imaging (HSI) technology
  • provides optimized detection software for fast data processing even with high belt loads
  • a modern delta robot with a specially developed tool adapter, which can offer up to 60 picks per minute

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