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Lubo Non-Wrapping 440 ONP Screen

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Norwalk, Connecticut-based Van Dyk Recycling Solutions is the North American distributor of Lubo’s Non-Wrapping 440 ONP Screen, which is designed to remove plastic bags and film. In one case study presented by Van Dyk, staff at a material recovery facility were able to spend less time cleaning the Lubo screen when compared with an older design. Using the Lubo screen enabled that facility to:

  • process an additional 4 tons per hour (tph), increasing total volume to 12 to 16 tph
  • operate and clean the machine with two employees rather than four employees
  • increase the recovery of polyethylene terephthalate and improve the quality of its mixed fiber product
  • allow one employee to clean the screen in 10 minutes at the end of the shift rather than having four take 90 minutes to clean it between shifts

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3rd Eye’s Verif-Eye for rear loaders

3rd Eye, a subsidiary of Chattanooga, Tennessee-based Environmental Services Group, has released its Verif-Eye for rear loaders. The customer service technology enables operators to:

  • document via photo or video service validation at each stop without taking up employees’ time
  • conclusively confirm or deny customer claims that haulers failed to pick up their trash, potentially saving haulers time and money associated with sending a second truck to service missed addresses
  • help educate customers who have overloaded their bins or engaged in illegal dumping
  • provide a basis for increasing revenue by documenting volume or bag counts for each stop

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Bateman four-tine orange-peel grapple

Bateman Manufacturing, a subsidiary of Canada-based Gryb Co., has produced a variety of material handling products, including its four-tine orange-peel grapple, which is built to handle a variety of materials around scrap yards and transfer stations. In addition to a two-year, 3,000-hour warranty and the availability of parts within 24 hours, its features include:

  • replaceable, abrasion-resistant tines designed with thick backs
  • high-torque, high-capacity bearing rotators that enable 360-degree rotation
  • thirteen grapples to choose from, ranging from 72 inches to 147 inches in width with open tines
  • a working pressure of 5,000 pounds per square inch
  • fully protected yet easy-to-access cylinders and cylinder hoses

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