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New and updated products and technology for the waste industry.

September 5, 2019

Cobra screening buckets.

Ransome Attachments, Lumberton, New Jersey, has added Cobra screening buckets, developed and produced by Finland-based Cernos Oy, to its lineup of attachments. Features of the buckets include:

  • a high screening capacity and adjustable grain size for waste soil and other materials to be turned into usable end products.
  • a screener-crusher setting to handle wet, sticky and other difficult soils.
  • the ability to fit equipment from miniature to full-sized excavators, wheel loaders, backhoes and telehandlers.
  • a double-acting hydraulic circuit to allow the operator to screen and crush in forward or reverse.

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Untha XR mobil-e waste shredder.

Austria-based Untha Shredding Technology has released its XR3000 for mobile waste shredding of bulky municipal solid, commercial and industrial, and construction and demolition wastes. Features of the XR3000 shredder include:

  • an extensive range of interchangeable screens and cutters for custom configuration.
  • electrical shredding capabilities.
  • a crawler-type undercarriage and small gas-powered engine to move the machine with a remote control.
  • the ability to shred multiple types of wastes into a homogenous alternative fuel for waste-to-energy or biomass uses.

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Komptech Axtor 4510 wood shredder.

The Karlsruhe, Germany-based RecyclingAKTIV trade fair Sept. 5-7 presented a variety of recycling equipment, including Austria-based Komptech’s Axtor 4510 wood shredder. Features of the shredder include:

  • modes for both shredding and chipping.
  • small dimensions and a total weight of 19 tons in the two-axle trailer version for easy mobility.
  • a large intake opening and aggressive intake roller designed for simple feeding of bulky items.
  • an operating panel with color-coded graphics for easy control.

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ShearCore mobile shear.

Superior, Wisconsin-based ShearCore, a division of Exodus Machines, has introduced the FS145 mobile shear. Features of the mobile shear include:

  • a new shark fin rear lug design to transfer stress, allowing higher forces to be distributed over greater mass.
  • a rotating model with a weight of 28,000 pounds, a jaw opening of 46 inches and a jaw depth of 47 inches.
  • a minimum excavator boom mount of 145,000 pounds with a minimum excavator stick mount of 250,000 pounds.
  • large removable access panels for component replacement.

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