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New and updated products and technology for the waste industry.

Binmaster BM-25 Diaphragm Level Switch

The BM-25 Diaphram Level Switch from Binmaster, based in Lincoln, Nebraska, is designed to save operators time and increase efficiency by monitoring bin levels. The BM-25 indicates when materials levels are too low or too high, thus “taking the guesswork out of material management,” the company says. Its features include:

  • a pressure-sensitive micro switch that indicates when material reaches a certain level
  • a silicone diaphragm paired with a nylon housing that is designed to protect the switch from damage from materials, increasing the product’s durability
  • the ability to be wired to a horn, light or alarm panel to alert operators when levels are too low or high
  • the ability to detect clogs in chutes and conveyors, minimizing downtime for operators

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Starlight Software Solutions cloud-based software system

With roll-off haulers and recyclers in mind, Starlight Software Solutions, Denver, has released a new version of its routing and fleet management software, which is now entirely cloud-based and backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Features of the new software include:

  • a tool for creating reports on key metrics with simplified drag-and-drop functionality
  • the ability to scale for growth, thanks to AWS cloud storage infrastructure
  • a software hub for routing, customer service, billing, in-cab functions and quick reporting
  • the ability to apply systemwide settings or create separate systems for different business functions

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Rehrig Pacific’s OceanCore 95-gallon container

Los Angeles-based Rehrig Pacific’s OceanCore 95-gallon container is one member of the company’s line of containers featuring post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. The containers include a variety of features that make them easy to use and track in the field, including:

  • up to 40 percent PCR, including up to 10 percent ocean-bound plastics, which can help meet sustainability goals sought by municipalities
  • a continuous one-piece handle that provides a strong gripping area designed to provide optimum control of a fully loaded cart
  • imprinted bar codes and serial numbers that facilitate work order and inventory control
  • the option to include a radio frequency identification tag to integrate with Rehrig Pacific’s RVision tracking software

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