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ReCarbon and H2Renewables plan 5 LFG-to-hydrogen projects

The first site is planned for McDonald, Tennessee, and will utilize LFG to produce carbon-negative green hydrogen.


ReCarbon Inc., a developer of greenhouse gas technology in Santa Clara, California, has announced a supply agreement with H2Renewables LLC., a landfill gas (LFG)-to-hydrogen project developer based in Cleveland, Tennessee.

According to a news release from ReCarbon, the agreement activates an accelerated pathway to match the growing demand for cost-effective green hydrogen from LFG.

Highlights of the agreement include:

  • five sites to utilize LFG to produce carbon-negative green hydrogen. The first site in McDonald, Tennessee, is slated to produce 12 tons of hydrogen per day;
  • additionally, the partnership has identified significant numbers of suitable sites throughout the U.S. capable of producing in excess of 60 tons of hydrogen per day;
  • cost-effective green hydrogen is crucial for the scale-up of heavy hydrogen fuel-cell mobility, such as back-to-base and long-haul trucks and buses;
  • pathways towards qualifying for both RINS and LCFS credits are being developed, further enhancing the competitiveness of the green hydrogen; and,
  • playing a part in the proliferation of renewable hydrogen from waste sources is a shared vision of both companies.

"ReCarbon is pleased to announce this major commercial milestone and looks forward to continuing our close partnership with H2Renewables in the development of significant carbon-negative green hydrogen production facilities—the beginning of realizing our vision of a localized green hydrogen ecosystem,” says Jay Kim, CEO and founder of ReCarbon.